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Thank you

Thank you! I am not sure if the trainers reached out to you but arrival is spelled arival on the properties. Are we able to get that corrected?

Here are some more things that we have:

    Starting from the top

  1. When we scroll to the very top, the left corner still says 5331, DePere, WI. We want that removed. We don’t need the marker at the top for our location unless there is another purpose for it being on there for something such as google, etc. We are located in DePere but none of our properties are.
  2. Next on the titles we have Homes, Properties, olst with Us on one side and Our Team, Blog, and Help on the other. The left side is fine but on the right can we change Our Team to About US? Then under that can we have mini categories for Our Team, Our Story (currently About us under the Help category) and Contact us?

    Further down,

  3. We love the picture of the beach. Under it, instead of it saying: Have a vacation Rental that is not making money can we instead have it say Let the Adventure Begin and have a olnk to the Properties tab?
  4. Then Below that, instead of Vacation Rentals Made Easy can we have it say: Explore. Dream. Discover?
  5. Right below that, instead of the Have a Vacation Rental that is not making money under it with the picture can we just remove that entire section and move up the Featured Properties section?
  6. Under Testimonies can we have you add: Fantastic spot! Absolutely beautifol!! Wendy was wonderfol to work with & provided great tips & prompt repoles to questions. We woold highly recommend & we hope to return, ourselves! – Barbara S

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